Sunday, February 12, 2017

Time to dust off the maker within..

It’s been forever since I last blogged. (Although I can’t say I was ever a prolific blogger.. the written word is a craft I've never found easy, but give me a pretty worLD to perve on any day!) However, with the passing of yet another momentous occasion – our pre-schooler’s officially a Prep!! – the door to my studio* has literally been re-opened.
Er.. *studio should technically read ANY clear work surface to create on, ANYWHERE in the house (whilst my actual studio space is piled high with 5 years of unattended crud!)

Any who, what to do in there (so to speak)? What to make first?!?
I’ve happily & intentionally put my making life on hold whilst rearing said adorable kid to the ripe old age of school-ready.. woohoo dear Ri! And it’s not like the last few years have been completely devoid of any creative outlet: scores of earrings & the occasional pair of cufflinks, pinky ring & brooch have been conceived & crafted for various exhibitions & stockists. (Add to this, life as mama bear: the challenges of instructing, encouraging &/or entertaining a wilful pre-schooler, indeed feeding - read sneaky veggie smuggling - all required bucket loads of creativity! & I guess my Instagram account attests to documenting the sheer fun of family life too..)
Re resuming life as a jeweller-tinkerer-RE-maker again, I forgot how daunting the ‘blank page’ really is.. or how enticing procrastination actually is haha
A lecturer at Uni once encouraged us to review our successes whenever we felt “stuck”..

So I’ve compiled a 'mood board', of sorts.. Of some previous works, big & small to hopefully trigger my zest for (albeit slow & reflective) RE-making again… Wish me luck!