Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's revamp time.

Not on this blog mind you, although a new WordPress site with all the mod con's & app's would. be. AWESOME!

Cue magic wand... 


Hello up there, I said TA-DAH!?!

Hmmn, seems it's back to reality with that...

Yet rather happy to be back
as I'm a wee bit excited about other developments: 
Specifically a revamp to my Etsy shop!

Compelled by an email from Australian Etsy.. - what?!? I didn't even know they did that! - encouraging me to list my goodies in an otherwise empty shop (uhuh, I am rather slack!) It seems by doing so, I might just seize on some new interest in my upcycled wares - cool huh! - as a participant in 'Reart' Exhibition that Etsy Australia co-presented!!

If that ain't SUPER HELPFUL motivation to pull out the proverbial & list, list, LIST.

So after much scrambling to remember passwords & file names, & drinking copious black coffee/white wine/more coffee - & the odd profanity thrown in to "help" - I present you a brand new, more focussed version of >>> my Etsy shop <<< *GRINS WIDELY*. Thanks Etsy Australia for the impetus!

Oh & here's a couple of pics of my geometric REflector earrings that appeared in 'Reart - International Upcycling Exhibition' April 2015, m2 gallery, Sydney ~ proudly presented by Etsy & the 'Retrash' book launch. 

Oh & rather fittingly, 'Reart' the upcycling exhibition opened on Earth Day!

*** Variations on this range of work can be seen in this post, or purchased directly via Etsy :) ***